MRI Results & Epic Jazz Game

Results are Positive…Sort of

MRI MachineIt has been two months since Alec has started his chemo treatments, and today he went in for his first MRI checkup. If the results showed that the tumor is the same size or smaller then they would continue his current chemo treatment. If the tumor had grown any then they would start a radiation treatment plan . I have been very nervous about this day for the last little while. We weren’t originally supposed to know the results until next Monday, but because my dad is the best swindler of information in the world, he worked the Rad Tech to get the results. The tech said that the tumor looked like it was the same size as before. We will get all the official deets on Monday, but for right now it appears it hasn’t grown any! But, it still isn’t good that it isn’t shrinking. If we get the same results on Monday that the tech dude gave us today, then Al will continue the same treatment for the next two more months until his next MRI checkup. I really like this picture though ha my dad just gets all up in there with all the action.

Alec Chilled With The Jazz Players

Yesterday the Utah Jazz played the Boston Celtics, and because of our good friend, Kent Streuling, Alec got to hang out with the Jazz players while they warmed up for the game. Kent has worked with America First for a long time, and has a lot of influence there. Because of America First’s ties with the Jazz he hooked Al up with this fun gift! Although Kent had all the best intentions, if he really wanted to do Alec a favor he would have hooked him up to meet the Utah Jazz dancers! Ha just kidding Kent, you’re the best! They had a really good time. The first picture here is of Alec stretching it out with the Jazz center Enes Kanter. That dude is like 7 feet tall.  The other picture on the right is of Al with the point guard Trey Burke.

Al and EnesAlec and Trey Burke


Meet Jake!

Watch This Video, it Says it All!

I’m super tired and little frustrated today, so I don’t feel like writing much. But, Jake is the most adorable dog in northern Utah. He is super chill, but will also run around and have fun with you. The training is going pretty well, my parents have probably watched several hours of training videos ha. We think he is pretty cool.

Some Big Things are Coming Up

On January 26th Alec is getting a spinal tap to see if any cancer cells are hanging out in his spinal fluid. Then on the 27th he is getting an MRI, and we will get on update on how the chemo is working. This is a big big day. If the MRI shows that the tumor is the same size or has shrunk any, then they will continue with the same chemo treatment he is currently on. If the tumor has grown any, then they will begin a radiation treatment plan.


Chemo Round Two

Put Another One In The Books

Alec WinsRound two of chemo is finally over! Up until now he was feeling and doing really well. The chemo is starting to catch up with him. He started the second round of chemo on Monday, and got a hit of it everyday until Friday. He says he just has that nauseous throw up feeling all the time combined with feeling super tired all day. He isn’t looking for sympathy, but if your leaning that way… he likes apple pie a lot!   He still went to school everyday this week though, that alone shows how tough he is. All he has to say is “I don’t feel well” and he can stay home. He is falling behind in school though, but he is doing what he can to keep up.

Alec and BraydonI moved back up to Rexburg this week :/, so I wasn’t there to beat him in his video games, and help him through the week. But, he still has some of his almost as favorite family members at home to help him out. I do skype with him a bunch though. The pic on the right was from us skyping today. We both dyed our hair to a darkish redish color!! We are probably both in the top 225 list of the best looking dudes in Utah, which is pretty impressive when you consider how many guys live in Utah.

Jake the Dog Flies in Wednesday

Wednesday morning, at like 7 am, we will pick up Jake the Dog from the airport. Everyone is pretty stoked about it, except for the mom. It’s okay, she will get over it. Love you mom 🙂 We will have lots of pictures of him for next weeks post. Also, next week I will give you more details about a couple huge tests that are coming up. Depending on how these tests go will determine if he needs to start doing radiation treatments along with the chemo stuff.


New York!!

Alec Was Loving Life

Les MisOur fam got back from a 7 day New York trip a couple days ago, and Al was in heaven all week long. We got up somewhat early everyday and we went to bed between 12:00 am and 1:00 am every night because we were trying to do everything New York had to offer a bunch of Mormon tourists. A couple of the highlights were the two Broadway plays we saw. We went to The Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis. You need to understand that Alec is 16 years old, and most kids his age are into music that they think everyone else likes. But, Alec loves music from plays like Les Mis and stuff. Someday he will probably write some play that will become super popular. It will bring in loads of revenue that will support him and I for the rest of our lives while we travel around and do crazy stuff.All of us

Al’s Bro Got Engaged

20141227_135547-SMILEWhile we were in New York Al’s bro, Riley, proposed to his woman in Central Park. The plan was to go geocaching and have Riley’s girlfriend, Eun Hea, find the ring. Then Riley would do his thing and pop the question. Fortunately, Eun Hea was somehow oblivious to the fact that we all had our phones out recording and taking pictures and acting awkward while they were geocaching for the ring, so she was still surprised when it happened. They are adorable. Oh, and she said yes, so that was a surprise. Just kidding Riley, I’m sure bunches of chicks would say yes to you.

Next Chemo Series Starts Tomorrow

It has been about a month since his last treatment, and his body has handled it really well. He walked all day for 7 days around New York, and he never complained about feeling tired or nauseous. He still has his hair, but it continues to fall out everyday. So, starting tomorrow he will get a shot of chemo everyday until Friday, and we will see how he does this time around. Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts. We need everything we can get. Alec is a hero and has been the strength that has helped us all keep going.

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