MRI Results & Epic Jazz Game

Results are Positive…Sort of

MRI MachineIt has been two months since Alec has started his chemo treatments, and today he went in for his first MRI checkup. If the results showed that the tumor is the same size or smaller then they would continue his current chemo treatment. If the tumor had grown any then they would start a radiation treatment plan . I have been very nervous about this day for the last little while. We weren’t originally supposed to know the results until next Monday, but because my dad is the best swindler of information in the world, he worked the Rad Tech to get the results. The tech said that the tumor looked like it was the same size as before. We will get all the official deets on Monday, but for right now it appears it hasn’t grown any! But, it still isn’t good that it isn’t shrinking. If we get the same results on Monday that the tech dude gave us today, then Al will continue the same treatment for the next two more months until his next MRI checkup. I really like this picture though ha my dad just gets all up in there with all the action.

Alec Chilled With The Jazz Players

Yesterday the Utah Jazz played the Boston Celtics, and because of our good friend, Kent Streuling, Alec got to hang out with the Jazz players while they warmed up for the game. Kent has worked with America First for a long time, and has a lot of influence there. Because of America First’s ties with the Jazz he hooked Al up with this fun gift! Although Kent had all the best intentions, if he really wanted to do Alec a favor he would have hooked him up to meet the Utah Jazz dancers! Ha just kidding Kent, you’re the best! They had a really good time. The first picture here is of Alec stretching it out with the Jazz center Enes Kanter. That dude is like 7 feet tall.  The other picture on the right is of Al with the point guard Trey Burke.

Al and EnesAlec and Trey Burke


2 thoughts on “MRI Results & Epic Jazz Game

  1. Sundee Unsicker January 27, 2015 / 10:11 pm

    After we left the floor and were walking to the suite Alec and I saw Elder Eyring just a few feet to our left. Alec said, that was way cooler to see Elder Eyring than the Jazz players and Jazz bear!

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