MRI Number Two

Results For The 2nd MRI

Last Friday Al went in for his second MRI to see what his tumor has been up too. We got the same stupid results as last time. It has neither grown or shrunk. We are at a stalemate right now. We are going to go one more month continuing the same chemo treatment while the docs cook up a new plan. They may add some radiation treatments to the mix next month. It is a major bummer that it didn’t shrink, but at least it didn’t grow. We still have a long battle ahead of us.

The Fundraiser Was A Huge Success

Alec’s sister did this fundraiser gig for Al and my parents. The money raised for him was presented to him last Monday. They were given a lot of money, and they want to thank everyone for being so generous and awesome! It is will help them loads with the financial burdens. Below is a pic of Alec and Lyndee by the tree that the fundraiser people presented to Alec along with the money that was raised. I am not really sure why, but they tied some of the money that was raised to the tree, and then gave Al the tree. Kinda weird, but whatever.

Lyndee and Alec

My Weekend With Alec

SuperherosI went home last weekend and hung out with Al and family. Whenever I ask Al how he is doing he always tells me that he is just exhausted and weak. But, when I went home I forced him off his butt and made him do stuff with me. I dragged him along with me wherever I went  and he did just fine. I think he is lying to us, he isn’t really tired all the time, he is just milking the situation. Sorry little bro, but you aren’t getting any sympathy from this guy 😉 We had fun, we went to the temple, walked around Walmart and took fun photos. We bought him a sweet new suit, so he can look fresh for the ladies. We went out to eat. We watched some of his favorite anime shows and I beat him in a bunch of games.

Braydon and Alec in bowtiesI like this picture for some reason. We got me modeling the bow tie while Alec is looking at me like I’m a crazy person. He looks at me like that a lot. I love this kid, I only wear bow ties because he wears bow ties. And yes, we tied those bow ties ourselves. We don’t do the clip on thing.




Fundraiser Event For Al

Latest News on Al

Alec's FaceIt has been a few weeks since my last post. Al has had two more treatments and is getting ready for another MRI soon. The chemo has started to catch up to him and he has been feeling super tired. But, he is a champ and handles it all well. I haven’t seen him in a while, but I am coming home this weekend! I am stoked to see him and beat him in all the games we play.

“Anything For A Friend” Fundraiser

My second favorite sister and fourth favorite sibling, Lyndee, put together a fundraiser for Al. Lyndee is incredible and I have always looked up to her. We received donations from many family members and friends. We went through a foundation called “Anything For A Friend.” The foundation they gave us a tree which we tied the donated money too and then the foundation would match up to $500 that we raised. The foundation called us and asked if we would present the tree to Alec at their upcoming fundraiser event that will be this Monday night  on the 16th at the Weber State Ballroom. They will give Alec his tree along with telling everyone his story. They are planning to release balloons in honor of Alec which represent hope and love. Dinner will be provided along with a comedy show. If anyone would like to come support Alec and this wonderful foundation, we would love for you to come. You do need to register before you come, you can sign up HERE. 

Fundraiser Details