Finished Another Week of Chemo

Chemo Week 6

Last week Alec finished his 6th round of chemo. It’s crazy to think that we have been doing this for six months now. This was the first time I have been home during a week that Alec was going through the actual treatment. I didn’t really know how it worked until now.

This Is How It Works

Administrating the ChemoOn Monday, we go to the hospital to get his port accessed. At the hospital they hook up a tube to his port that stays there all week. Once his port is accessed, he can’t get anything in that area wet until we take out the tube they connected to him. So, he can’t take showers or go cliff jumping while his port is accessed. Once his port is accessed, we can give him is chemo treatments from home. Everyday for the rest of the week at around 2 or 3 o’clock, or whenever he wakes up, my dad connects a small cylinder full of chemo that transfers the stuff through the tubes and port into his blood stream. It usually takes about 4 hours until the cylinder is empty.

Chemo Weeks Are Long And Painful

Like I mentioned before, this was my first time being home with Alec while he did all this stuff. I didn’t realize how much these weeks sucked for him. It was a really rough week, he felt super nauseous all week and didn’t have much energy to do anything but read, play video games, and lose to me in Uno. He doesn’t sleep well at all, especially during chemo weeks, so he is usually up till around 3am either reading or hanging out with dad. I don’t know how my dad does it, he doesn’t get to sleep in and take the naps that Al does. Anyway, that week was no fun, so I am glad it is over.

We have another MRI coming up soon, so we will see where we stand when that comes around.


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