Alec Finished Chemo…Time for a New Plan

I haven’t written a blog post since last May, sorry I haven’t been keeping it up. It’s okay though, you’ll get over it. This post will catch you up on everything.

Finished With Chemo!

Last Chemo TreatmentAl started his first chemo treatment in December of last year, and last week he finished his 12th and final treatment. The treatments were awful and he hated them, but he sucked it up and did what he had to do. The chemo shrunk the tumor a little, but it didn’t do enough and we can’t stop here. After meeting with doctors over the last few weeks they came up with a new treatment plan that is going to start at the end of January.

1208151336Although he has been doing the chemo thing for the past year, he still had a lot of fun. My parents have been spoiling him and they have traveled all over the place. Over the last year, he and my parents have been to Spain, London, Italy, New York, Florida, and bunch of other fun places that I will probably never get to see.


The New Plan

Alec will spend the next 6 weeks recovering from his last chemo treatment in preparation  for radiation. His radiation oncologist is confident he can put Alec’s tumors into remission. But, of course he is going to say that. Radiation consists of a daily visit to the LDS Hospital in North Salt Lake. The whole ordeal takes about 3 hours. He will make these daily visits for 4 1/2 weeks.

1204151425After radiation is complete, Alec will move to Boynton Beach Florida for 6 weeks where he will receive treatments to correct his damaged immune system. He will literally be right next to the beach! When he is not on the beach he will do a series of stem cell treatments and bunch of other stuff that I can’t explain. The reason they are doing this is so Alec’s immune system will be strong enough to fight off the cancer cells when they reemerge from their dormant state that the chemo treatments have put them into.

And Now A Word From Al Pal Himself

“I am extremely grateful for all your prayers on my behalf, I have felt the blessings. I am also grateful for all the people who have come over and visited me. Thank you for all the well wishes and delicious treats. I am glad I can be done with the stupid chemo now, I do believe that the worst is behind me. Because of the radiation I have to do every day and the month I’ll spend in Florida, I have decided to drop out of school for the semester. So, I will be home and bored all the time now. If you are ever home and bored, come over and we can chill and play video games, in fact, I would love it! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!”