Latest Update on Alec – 4/3/2016

Alec UnsickerI started this Cancer Sucks blog in December of 2014. That was almost a year and half ago. It has been a long year, he put up with a lot of pain and sucky stuff. But, he has had a lot of fun too. In that time, he has had two brothers get engaged. One of them got married and the other one is making plans. He got a new nephew who is crazy cute. He has visited some of the funnest places in the world like New York, California, Idaho, Spain, London, and loads of other places on mini vacations with his parents.

He did chemo treatments for about a year and then did radiation treatments for a few months. It was actually just a couple weeks ago when Alec finished his last radiation treatment. We had some things worth celebrating during his treatments when some of his MRI’s looked like his tumor was beginning to shrink. However, it never appeared that the treatments were completely solving the problem.  Earlier this week he had another MRI to see how everything was looking after the radiation treatments.

I got a call from my dad last Tuesday to hear about the results of the MRI. That call turned out to be a moment I will never forget. I can still remember when and where I was when I found out Alec had a cancerous brain tumor during his first bout he had with cancer several years ago and then again when I found out the cancer came back in December of 2014. But, both of those calls pale in comparison to this one. My dad called me in the evening while I was sitting at a kitchen table doing some homework for one of my classes. I was in the zone and had my phone on silent and didn’t realize that I had missed a couple calls from my dad. When I finally picked up, what I believe was his third try calling me, he told me that they got Alec’s MRI results and they didn’t look very good. During the time Alec was doing his radiation treatments he had developed new tumors up and down his spine. The doctors told us that he would have about 3 months until these new tumors would start compromising things until his body couldn’t take it anymore.

It is so difficult for me to think and write about this. Alec is my hero, I have and will always look up to him and his nerdy lifestyle. This blog post is not a death sentence. We aren’t giving up and are still trying other things to help slow down the tumors. However, in the meantime we are going to have a lot of fun. Alec is a huge nerd and one of the things he loves is Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings films were all filmed in New Zealand and Alec has always wanted to go there and check out that whole scene. So, that is what we are going to do. Over the last week our whole family has been scrambling to get passports and flights to New Zealand. About 20 of us are going to New Zealand at the end of the month to hit up the sites there and hang out with each other. We are all pretty stoked about it.

Although this whole situation sucks, you can read an old blog post I wrote called Triumph to see how I feel about it.

You can expect to get a blog post soon that is written by Alec so he can tell everyone what he thinks about this and how he is handling it.


Braydon Is Back Home!!

I Am Back From Rexburg

It’s good to be home. It’s good to be around my family, and to be hanging out with Alec again. It sucked being away from Al and knowing all the treatments and crud he had to deal with while I was gone. It was difficult to think about what he was going through and only being able to hear about it without being able to do anything to help. I am not even afraid to say that I cried sometimes. Let me tell you guys something though. Since I have been home, it has been a lot easier to deal with this stuff. Yeah, Alec feels like crap most the time, but I rarely see him without a smile on his face. Sometimes he will give you a tired worn out face, but it is never a face of discouragement or a face that looks like he has conceded. Alec is the strongest and happiest kid I know. When I see him and am with him I am a stronger person. I feel like I can overcome anything with him around. I love hanging out with that kid!

On another note. Al’s brother, Riley, is getting married in a few weeks. We are excited for him, but it will be tough to have him move out of the house. He has been super good to have around for Alec. He spoils him with gifts, because he is rich, and loses to Al in video games all the time.

One More Round Of Chemo

We have one more round of chemo at the beginning of next month and then one more MRI before they decide if they are going to switch from chemo treatments to radiation treatments. The next round of chemo is going to fall on Al’s b-day :/ So, we are trying to come up with something fun to do on his birthday while he is doing the chemo thing. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are open to some ideas for what we should do for him on his b-day! Comment below if you have any suggestions for us.

MRI Number Two

Results For The 2nd MRI

Last Friday Al went in for his second MRI to see what his tumor has been up too. We got the same stupid results as last time. It has neither grown or shrunk. We are at a stalemate right now. We are going to go one more month continuing the same chemo treatment while the docs cook up a new plan. They may add some radiation treatments to the mix next month. It is a major bummer that it didn’t shrink, but at least it didn’t grow. We still have a long battle ahead of us.

The Fundraiser Was A Huge Success

Alec’s sister did this fundraiser gig for Al and my parents. The money raised for him was presented to him last Monday. They were given a lot of money, and they want to thank everyone for being so generous and awesome! It is will help them loads with the financial burdens. Below is a pic of Alec and Lyndee by the tree that the fundraiser people presented to Alec along with the money that was raised. I am not really sure why, but they tied some of the money that was raised to the tree, and then gave Al the tree. Kinda weird, but whatever.

Lyndee and Alec

My Weekend With Alec

SuperherosI went home last weekend and hung out with Al and family. Whenever I ask Al how he is doing he always tells me that he is just exhausted and weak. But, when I went home I forced him off his butt and made him do stuff with me. I dragged him along with me wherever I went  and he did just fine. I think he is lying to us, he isn’t really tired all the time, he is just milking the situation. Sorry little bro, but you aren’t getting any sympathy from this guy 😉 We had fun, we went to the temple, walked around Walmart and took fun photos. We bought him a sweet new suit, so he can look fresh for the ladies. We went out to eat. We watched some of his favorite anime shows and I beat him in a bunch of games.

Braydon and Alec in bowtiesI like this picture for some reason. We got me modeling the bow tie while Alec is looking at me like I’m a crazy person. He looks at me like that a lot. I love this kid, I only wear bow ties because he wears bow ties. And yes, we tied those bow ties ourselves. We don’t do the clip on thing.



Nerd Heaven

Alec at Comic Con

Written by Breanne Evans because Braydon wasn’t worthy to write about the topic.

As has been mentioned before, Alec loves all things awesome and fantastic. People also for some reason refer to these people as being  a “nerd”.  Well, the nerd train rolled in this last weekend, and Al got his fill.Doctor Who Picture

Comic Con PicComic Con is in its 3rd year of coming to Salt Lake, and it’s getting better every time. Luckily they brought in some pretty high profile guests including some folks from his favorite BBC show, DOCTOR WHO! He also got to attend several panels with topics such as, Harry Potter, Avatar, Adventure time, Lord of the Rings, a poetry slam contest,  Star Wars,  and several other celebrity guests panels. Alec was in heaven, and he deserved it!!! I was lucky enough to stand in line with him while we waited to meet “the Doctor Who people” and he was just LOSING it (well I was too, but he amped up my energy).

Alec also attended his Sister and Brother in Laws AWESOME ANIME panel 😉 I am pretty sure it was his 8th favorite thing. Check out our anime reviews at

Anime Panel

When I asked Alec about what his favorite part was, this is what he had to say:

“My favorite part about comic con was meeting THE DOCTOR, ROSE, and AMY!!!!” They also put on the BEST Panel. I thought Carrie Fisher was amazing, and Christopher Lloyd, and Studio C. I loved the voice actors of Yakko and Wakko Warner, we even got a video of them singing the Nations song. There was just so much cool stuff.”

Here is Al at “Amy Ponds” panel, and other pictures.

Alec and Mom     Amy Pond     Al & Ry        yes


MRI Results & Epic Jazz Game

Results are Positive…Sort of

MRI MachineIt has been two months since Alec has started his chemo treatments, and today he went in for his first MRI checkup. If the results showed that the tumor is the same size or smaller then they would continue his current chemo treatment. If the tumor had grown any then they would start a radiation treatment plan . I have been very nervous about this day for the last little while. We weren’t originally supposed to know the results until next Monday, but because my dad is the best swindler of information in the world, he worked the Rad Tech to get the results. The tech said that the tumor looked like it was the same size as before. We will get all the official deets on Monday, but for right now it appears it hasn’t grown any! But, it still isn’t good that it isn’t shrinking. If we get the same results on Monday that the tech dude gave us today, then Al will continue the same treatment for the next two more months until his next MRI checkup. I really like this picture though ha my dad just gets all up in there with all the action.

Alec Chilled With The Jazz Players

Yesterday the Utah Jazz played the Boston Celtics, and because of our good friend, Kent Streuling, Alec got to hang out with the Jazz players while they warmed up for the game. Kent has worked with America First for a long time, and has a lot of influence there. Because of America First’s ties with the Jazz he hooked Al up with this fun gift! Although Kent had all the best intentions, if he really wanted to do Alec a favor he would have hooked him up to meet the Utah Jazz dancers! Ha just kidding Kent, you’re the best! They had a really good time. The first picture here is of Alec stretching it out with the Jazz center Enes Kanter. That dude is like 7 feet tall.  The other picture on the right is of Al with the point guard Trey Burke.

Al and EnesAlec and Trey Burke

New York!!

Alec Was Loving Life

Les MisOur fam got back from a 7 day New York trip a couple days ago, and Al was in heaven all week long. We got up somewhat early everyday and we went to bed between 12:00 am and 1:00 am every night because we were trying to do everything New York had to offer a bunch of Mormon tourists. A couple of the highlights were the two Broadway plays we saw. We went to The Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis. You need to understand that Alec is 16 years old, and most kids his age are into music that they think everyone else likes. But, Alec loves music from plays like Les Mis and stuff. Someday he will probably write some play that will become super popular. It will bring in loads of revenue that will support him and I for the rest of our lives while we travel around and do crazy stuff.All of us

Al’s Bro Got Engaged

20141227_135547-SMILEWhile we were in New York Al’s bro, Riley, proposed to his woman in Central Park. The plan was to go geocaching and have Riley’s girlfriend, Eun Hea, find the ring. Then Riley would do his thing and pop the question. Fortunately, Eun Hea was somehow oblivious to the fact that we all had our phones out recording and taking pictures and acting awkward while they were geocaching for the ring, so she was still surprised when it happened. They are adorable. Oh, and she said yes, so that was a surprise. Just kidding Riley, I’m sure bunches of chicks would say yes to you.

Next Chemo Series Starts Tomorrow

It has been about a month since his last treatment, and his body has handled it really well. He walked all day for 7 days around New York, and he never complained about feeling tired or nauseous. He still has his hair, but it continues to fall out everyday. So, starting tomorrow he will get a shot of chemo everyday until Friday, and we will see how he does this time around. Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts. We need everything we can get. Alec is a hero and has been the strength that has helped us all keep going.

Also, check out the new page I created called Triumph. Click here to read it.

Jake the Dog and Alec the Human

Alec is Getting a Dog!

Jake the DogIf you don’t know my mom then you don’t know how big of a deal this is. I have heard my mom say before that as soon as a dog walks in the front door then she is walking out the back door…forever. This is a big sacrifice for my mom, but I think this will be so good for Al. We are all here for Alec and will do everything we can for him, and hang with him as much as possible. But, in those quiet moments when we are not around he will have this dog to love him all day long.  It is a Havanese, and he is just a little guy that will be around 8 pounds when he is full grown. Al had a tough time coming up with a good name for him. Being the mega nerd that he is, he first came up with some elvish names from Lord of the Rings. Then he wanted to name it after one of the 13 dwarves from The Hobbit. After counseling with everyone in the fam he decided on the name Jake. The name came from a cartoon show he loves called Adventure Time. There is a dog named Jake that is probably the funniest dog on T.V right now. If you have never seen the show then click here to see who he is.

His Hair is Starting to Fall Out!

Bald AlecThis just started to happen today. If you pull on a clump of hair from his head then some of it comes off. I have been pulling it off all day, I love doing it for some reason :/ I know, it’s kind of weird. I am trying to convince him to get a some sort of crazy or hipster hair cut before it all falls out. He isn’t convinced yet, give it a couple days and I’ll get him to do it. I created a preview with my phone of what he might look like when it all starts to fall out ha. He is going to be a very handsome bald dude.