Braydon Is Back Home!!

I Am Back From Rexburg

It’s good to be home. It’s good to be around my family, and to be hanging out with Alec again. It sucked being away from Al and knowing all the treatments and crud he had to deal with while I was gone. It was difficult to think about what he was going through and only being able to hear about it without being able to do anything to help. I am not even afraid to say that I cried sometimes. Let me tell you guys something though. Since I have been home, it has been a lot easier to deal with this stuff. Yeah, Alec feels like crap most the time, but I rarely see him without a smile on his face. Sometimes he will give you a tired worn out face, but it is never a face of discouragement or a face that looks like he has conceded. Alec is the strongest and happiest kid I know. When I see him and am with him I am a stronger person. I feel like I can overcome anything with him around. I love hanging out with that kid!

On another note. Al’s brother, Riley, is getting married in a few weeks. We are excited for him, but it will be tough to have him move out of the house. He has been super good to have around for Alec. He spoils him with gifts, because he is rich, and loses to Al in video games all the time.

One More Round Of Chemo

We have one more round of chemo at the beginning of next month and then one more MRI before they decide if they are going to switch from chemo treatments to radiation treatments. The next round of chemo is going to fall on Al’s b-day :/ So, we are trying to come up with something fun to do on his birthday while he is doing the chemo thing. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are open to some ideas for what we should do for him on his b-day! Comment below if you have any suggestions for us.


Chemo Round Two

Put Another One In The Books

Alec WinsRound two of chemo is finally over! Up until now he was feeling and doing really well. The chemo is starting to catch up with him. He started the second round of chemo on Monday, and got a hit of it everyday until Friday. He says he just has that nauseous throw up feeling all the time combined with feeling super tired all day. He isn’t looking for sympathy, but if your leaning that way… he likes apple pie a lot!   He still went to school everyday this week though, that alone shows how tough he is. All he has to say is “I don’t feel well” and he can stay home. He is falling behind in school though, but he is doing what he can to keep up.

Alec and BraydonI moved back up to Rexburg this week :/, so I wasn’t there to beat him in his video games, and help him through the week. But, he still has some of his almost as favorite family members at home to help him out. I do skype with him a bunch though. The pic on the right was from us skyping today. We both dyed our hair to a darkish redish color!! We are probably both in the top 225 list of the best looking dudes in Utah, which is pretty impressive when you consider how many guys live in Utah.

Jake the Dog Flies in Wednesday

Wednesday morning, at like 7 am, we will pick up Jake the Dog from the airport. Everyone is pretty stoked about it, except for the mom. It’s okay, she will get over it. Love you mom 🙂 We will have lots of pictures of him for next weeks post. Also, next week I will give you more details about a couple huge tests that are coming up. Depending on how these tests go will determine if he needs to start doing radiation treatments along with the chemo stuff.